"Not think in the air, no unrealistic ideas in the virtual voice"

"Not think in the air, no unrealistic ideas in the virtual voice" is a famous saying by Li Dazhao, which means that you can't unrealistically think about it, don't take action, and just pursue some illusory things.

On December 31, 2017, Xi Da’s 2018 New Year message quoted this sentence.

The short annual holiday is over. On the tenth day, Jiandun whole staff gathered together to have a happy New Year! And held the first meeting of the New Year. Mr. Cheng, the chairman of Jiandun made an important speech!

The meeting said that the 2018 is the company's management year, system year, and innovation re-engineering year. The company should achieve two unifications this year: First, the company's strategic planning direction and departmental work tasks should be unified; second, the work process management and enterprise system must be pragmatically unified. According to the “cask principle”, only the overall management level has been improved, and the company can achieve sustainable and healthy development. At the same time, it also made certain plans for the direction of the company's development in 2018.

Look forward to 2018. We are full of confidence for the future. Don't forget initial heart, go ahead! Let us use 100 times of enthusiasm, thousands of times of calm, and thousands of times of wisdom to work together. Repay the old and new customers with the best quality and sincere service for their support and trust on Jiandun!