Fire rated steel shutter

Fire rated steel shutter is made by one-time pressing of the main curtain panel and the auxiliary curtain panel, with the characteristics of smooth surface, no welding and high strength. It is widely used in airports, stations, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, underground garages and other fire-demanding special areas, and can be automatically linked with the fire alarm system.

The product is tested according to the standard of GB14102-2005 "fire rated steel shutter". The fire resistance time is ≥3 hours. Its performance and quality have reached the 3C compulsory certification standard of the Fire Products Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security.


       ●   Product:  Fire rated steel shutter

       ●   Model:   GFYJ-300300-FY3-Cz-D-80

       ●   Fire standard:   GB14102-2005

       ●   Fire rating:   ≥3 hrs

       ●   Curtain:    0.8mm thickness of galvanized steel on both size, infilling aluminum silicate fiber felt

       ●   Fire motor:   FJJ 402-3P-(HL)

       ●   Control box:     FJK-SD-LX12

       ●   Options   Temperature probe, smoke probe