Fire rated fabric shutters

Fire rated fabric shutters are widely used in airports, stations, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, underground garages etc., and can be controlled automatically linked with the fire alarm system. Fire proof time ≥ 3 hours.


       ●   Product:  Fire rated fabric shutters

       ●   Model:   TFJ(W)-300300-TF3-Cz-S-300

       ●   Fire standard:   GB14102-2005

       ●   Fire rating:   ≥3 hrs

       ●   Fire curtain components:    

            Decorative cloth, fireproof cloth, silk fireproof blanket, radiation protection cloth

       ●   Curtains space:   300mm

       ●   Fire motor:   FJJ 402-3P-(HL)

       ●   Control box:     FJK-SD-LX12

       ●   Options   Temperature probe, smoke probe